Western SMT
A  Photographic  History
This website will eventually contain a complete photographic history of buses that have operated for Western SMT.

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Last updated : 25-Apr-02 : New - 1970's page started
  Decade Fleet Numbers Significant Events
  1930's None  
  1940's 585 - 774 Bought Dunlop, Greenock MS, Rothesay
  1950's 773 - 1547 Bought Young's and Caledonian
  1960's 1548 - 2274  
  1970's 2275 - 2984 Bristol VR/FLF exchange with NBC
  1980's 1 -  Split/reunion/split with Clydeside
  1990's   Privatised, then sold to Stagecoach
  • A similar website already exists for Central SMT
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